I am an artist based in Bristol UK. I graduated from Cheltenham and Gloucester Art college in 1999, although I continued to explore making artworks I have only recently returned to making paintings in a more dedicated manner.

For me, making art is about the exploration of ideas and the relationship between myself and the subject via the material of paint. I am interested in the way the self and the subject interact and the way meaning changes and unfolds; and the finished piece is the result of an evolving exploration rather than the result of responding to a fixed idea.

I want this website to reflect this open process so it includes studies and works in progress as I regard this as important as the finished works themselves.

To further my investigation into the craft of painting I have begun to hand make my own oil paints. This creates a more lively paint both in terms of intensity of colour and handling properties.
I am available for commissions, including landscapes, pet portraits, portraits and murals.
For further information you can contact me on or via the contact page on this website.

Please also see my facebook page